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Weight(grams): 6000

Dimension: 16 cm (Length) x 23 cm (Width) x 37 cm (Height)

DN Air Freshener is an air freshener disinfectant for odor control in toilet areas and public areas . It is effective against P. Aeruginosa, S.Choleraaesuis, S. Aureus and other odor - causing bacteria in inanimate environmental surfaces such as toilet seats, telephones , wash basin , metal beds and springs , trash containers , etc . DN Air Freshner is virucidal against herpes simplex type 2. As an air freshener , it is effective in deodorizing locker rooms, meeting rooms, bathrooms , etc. It is specially designed for use where long term odor control (up to 24 hours) is required.

DN Air Freshner is a commercial grade product ideal in all  janitorial cleaning application such as given below: 
- Hotels
- Clubs 
- Restaurants 
- Sporting centers
- Motels 
- Hospitals
- Offices 
- Accommodation cleaning
- Factories, etc

DN Air Freshner can be used as received or diluted with up to 1-5 parts with water , depending on the application and the degree of deodorizing required . Swabbing onto a surface can easily dispense these products through a hand-held sprayer or simply.

•        Effectively    kill    bacterial    that    cause unpleasant odor 
•        Give long-lasting scents 
•        Powerful deodorant and disinfectant 
•        Wide areas application

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