DN Alkaline Cleaner


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Weight(grams): 10500

Dimension: 16 cm (Length) x 23 cm (Width) x 37 cm (Height)

DN Alkaline is an alkaline cleaner and degreaser designed to remove bake-on latex , polystearate residue , oil, grease and dirt from various hard surface even at low dosage. It is specially blended with high boiling point solvents, powerful surfactants and potassium hydroxide for on-line and off-line cleaning.

DN Alkaline is readily soluble in water. It is suitable to use in either soft or hard water.
DN Alkaline is also suitable for metal and other industries to remove oil and grease from surface of ferrous , plastic and ceramic articles . Avoid applying on amphoteric metals such as aluminium.
DN Alkaline can be applied via brush , sponge or moping after diluted according to recommended dosage . DN Alkaline can be diluted by using chemical dosing system to ease operation system.

Light duty cleaning : 10 ml DN Alkaline dilute with 1L of water ( 1:100)
Normal duty cleaning : 20ml DN Alkaline dilute with 1L of water ( 1:50)
Heavy duty cleaning : 35 ml DN Alkaline dilute with 1L of water (1 :28.6)

Recommended dosage is depending on soiling level

• Safe to use on former, stainless steel, porcelain, glass and plastic surfaces.
• Remove baked-on latex and polystearate residues.
• Effective in removing oil, grease and dirt from hard surfaces
• Concentrated product to give economical dosage.
• Save cost and safe handling – can be diluted by chemical dosing system.


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