DN Glass Cleaner


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Weight(grams): 10500

Dimension: 16 cm (Length) x 23 cm (Width) x 37 cm (Height)

  • Double-solvent glass cleaner
  • For cleaning window, mirror, chrome and glass surface
  • Formulated to effectively remove dirt, grease and fingerprints
  • Prevent fogging and leave glass or mirror surfaces streak-free and sparkling shine
  • Penetrate & dissolves nearly every kind of dirt on glass
  • Leave streak free, smear free, crystal clear finish
  • Fast cleaning for windows, mirrors, showcases, glass desktops and car windows, chrome and other reflective surfaces
  • Recommended to use at Home, Office, Hotel, Hospital, Shopping Mall, F&B, Factory, Education, Bank & etc


• Fast drying
• Remove dirt, grease and fingerprints
• Leave surfaces sparkling clean and streak free
• Effective on all glass and mirror surfaces
• Cost effective
• Safe to environment

Dimension : Length: 16cm X Width: 23cm X Height: 37cm

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