DN Multipurpose Cleaner


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Weight(grams): 10500

Dimension: 16 cm (Length) x 23 cm (Width) x 37 cm (Height)

DN Multipurpose is a concentrated general purpose cleaner for all types of washable hard surfaces such as floors , walls , kitchen utensils , dish and etc . It is effective on removing oil and grease and suitable for cleaning kitchen , dining area , toilet and etc . that required daily maintenance cleaning . DN Multipurpose is recommended for all industries such as hotels , restaurants, shopping malls and food and beverage industries.

DN Multipurpose can be applied via brush , sponge , scouring pad, mop or cloth after diluted according to recommended dosage. For stubborn oil and grease , utensils or articles can be soaked prior to washing.

Light duty cleaning (E.g. floor cleaning) : 5 – 10 ml DN Multipurpose dilute with 1L of water (1: 200 –1:100)
Normal duty cleaning (E.g. dishwashing) : 40ml DN Multipurpose dilute with 1L of water (1:25)
Heavy duty cleaning : 60ml DN Multipurpose dilute with 1L of water (3:50) or use direct ( undiluted)

• Concentrated product gives economical dosage.
• Effectively remove oil, grease and dirt from surfaces.
• Safe on all types of hard surface.
• Moderate viscosity to avoid overpouring.
• Leave mild pleasant scent after wash.
• Safe in food contact area as recommended application and dosage – rinsing required.

• Wash hand and exposed skin thoroughly after handling.
• Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.

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