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DN Pine is a pine cleaner containing natural pine oil and quaternary ammonium compound to clean , deodorize and sanitize hard surfaces such as metal , ceramic , tile, mosaic , cement , plastic and etc. It is highly recommended to use on floors, sinks, walls, garbage bins especially at shower room, toilet and garbage area for daily cleaning and hygiene maintenance . DN Pine able to eliminate unpleasant odour and leave the surfaces with mild pine scent.

DN Pine can be applied via mop , cloth or sprayer after diluted according to recommended dosage . Wipe or spray over the surfaces with diluted DN Pine , allow to dry , no rinsing required . For heavily soiled surfaces , clean the surfaces with soap and water to remove dirt prior apply DN Pine.

Light duty cleaning : 10 ml DN Pine dilute with 1L of water (1: 100)
Normal duty cleaning : 25ml DN Pine dilute with 1L of water (1:40)
Heavy duty cleaning : 50mlDN Pine dilute with 1L of water (1 :20)

• Safe to use on all types of hard, nonporous surfaces.
• Antibacterial properties that effectively kills bacteria.
• Clean and sanitize surfaces.
• Deodorize unpleasant smell and leave pine scent.
• Save cost and safe handling

can be diluted by using chemical dosing system.

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