Ride-On Floor Scrubber CHANCEE K79

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Weight(grams): 316000

Dimension: 140 cm (Length) x 120 cm (Width) x 125 cm (Height)

The Chancee K79  is the newest generation of floor scrubber. Combined with its easy to use control panel, it is perfect for cleaning professionals who need to spend less time on training and more time on productive tasks.
Chancee K79  is a floor scrubber. The product is made from high quality materials and the operation panel is simple and easy to use even for those who are not trained in these types of machines.

Our product has an easy to operate panel with only three buttons, which is perfect for people who have never trained as cleaners before and want to clean their floors without training. The scrubber comes with a squeegee that can be freely adjusted for any type of flooring and an adjustable squeegee to suit the environment of the surface being cleaned. It also has a powerful battery from famous brands that last up to 3 hours and doesn’t need water draining between use– it comes with a double-walled water tank that allows the surplus water in the air suction pipe to flow down into its own tank and prevents sewerage water from coming back up into it. There is also a sensor on our product which makes it so easy for anyone to start cleaning without human training, making the process quick, thorough, and efficient.

Cleaning Efficiency: 5100m2/h
Brush Plate: Width 15" x 2
Squeegee Width: 1000mm
Brush Motor Power: 380W x 2
Suction Motor Power: 550W
Clean Water Tank Capacity: 100L
Dirty Water Tank Capacity: 110L
Battary Capacity: 220Ah
Battery Voltage: 24V
Operating Hours: 3-4 Hours
Total Weight 316kg

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