Ride-On Floor Scrubber CHANCEE K70

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Dimension: 145 cm (Length) x 100 cm (Width) x 110 cm (Height)

The Chancee K70 Ride-on Floor Scrubber is a medium-sized, strong and effective ride-on floor scrubbing machine that provides Chancee users with two options: the single-brush model and the double-brush model. With its upgrades driving motor, strong and highly effective suction motor and large-sized clear water filter, the K70 scrubber is able to realize thorough and powerful cleaning of different places. Its dedicated steering wheel, smart controlling panel, squeegee and brush lifting handles and sewage level alarming system greatly facilitate the operation and make the cleaning work much easier, comfortable and secured. With large-capacity water tanks and batteries, this ride-on scrubber is able to realize long-hour operation and thus suitable for use in a variety of large indoor and outdoor environments.
Model K70 Single-brush model K70 Double brush model
Noise level 65 dB 65 dB
Battery capacity 24 V/100 Ah 24 V/100 Ah
Suction motor power 400 W 400 W
Brush motor power 550 W 350 W * 2
Brush rotation speed 140 rpm 140 rpm
Driving motor power 500 W 500 W
Voltage 24 V 24 V
Grade ability 15° 15°
Cleaning width 600 mm 700 mm
Brush width 600 mm 700 mm
Squeegee width 1000 mm 1000 mm
Cleaning efficiency 3,650 sqm/h 4,050 sqm/h
Total weight 198 kg 211 kg
Endurance time 2-3 h 2-3 h
Solution tank capacity 80 L 80 L
Recovery tank capacity 85 L 85 L
Total power 1,450 W 1,600 W

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