About Us

DN Cleaning & Services is one of the leading cleaning services provider in Penang, Malaysia. Being experienced in the cleaning industry, we understand the clients’ concerns and the services you are looking for. Hence, we are dedicated to provide reliable and convenient cleaning services to our clients.

We also pay extra care to the process, especially the mutual communication between our workers and clients. With the core purpose of helping our client to lessen their burden at managing business, we ensure that our services are totally hassle-free to you.

We have been serving clients from different industries and providing multiple services per their preferences. Our reliability comes in with our responsibility at work, treating every client sincerely and looking forward to solve your cleaning issues.

To be the leading cleaning services provider that emphasizes the mutual relationship between employers and workers.

• Maintain personnel service quality
• Satisfy clients’ needs
• Lessen clients’ burden
• Provide hassle-free solutions
• Solve problem for clients
Our Strength
 Mentality Training

There are concerns among the employers regarding the worker’s personality and attitude, as we said earlier, we pay attention at the helping our clients to lessen their burden. To ensure a good working attitude, we provide professional mentality training to our workers, making sure they are fit for work both mentally and physically and enjoy the work.
 Knowledgeable & Skilled

Even at the origin country of our workers, we have started to filter their ability by looking through their qualifications and skills acquired. We are capable to fulfil your special request that require technical skills such as in the construction industry that need welding and piling workers who are already skilled. In the meantime we also ensure that the front office staff and waiting staff are academically adequate to perform their daily working tasks.
 Complete Solution

Engaging with our cleaning service, meaning zero burden, and satisfying services. Promising a total hassle free services to our clients, we cover the long-winded procedures in applying for workforce, filtering, and distributing. The only thing you have to think about is the number of headcounts as well as the working nature. We will settle the rest for you.
 Maintain Positive Mutual Relationship

Effective communication is extremely important in maintaining a good working environment as well as working performance. While a good communication is the essential of positive relationship. We envision a good relationship between employer and workers to ease the working process.